4 simple and effective Mac tweaks to speed up your computer

Years of use result in the machine’s wearing and tearing down, making it lose it original glory. No doubt, Macs are great when it comes to performance, clicking up many years before they need a replacement. However, Macs drop their speed with time as well, leaving you to wonder why is my mac so slow. Don’t worry, though! All you need is some cleaning and maintenance tweaks and your Mac will again be running like when you bought it new.



2 Ways to Manage Startup Items on Mac


Every time you switch on your Mac, various programs, apps, background processes, services, and add-ons start loading simultaneously. These are called startup or login items. Usually, these actions are meant to make things faster by making the necessary items ready for you before you start your working. However, there are times when some of these items rather prove to be a burden than a requirement.